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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Really kool phone service

JAJAH - web-activated telephony
I tried this phone service yesterday and it is simply an amazing service. Jajah is an innovative phone service that integrates with your regular phone device(phone to phone) thus you can talk without the need for any headphones, speakers or having to install any software. It stands true to its tag line "free your voice".

You simply register your phone number on the website and then you ask your family/friends to register (they can be anywhere in the world). All calls to & from Jajah users is free. You place the call using their website and both the phones ring and you talk for absolutely free. Depending on the type of phone (mobile or landline) and the country you are calling to or from Jajah charges a very reasonable fee.

I was naturally concerned about privacy of my calls as all calls are routed through Jajah, but the website claims that the service is absolutely secure. This is my mind is the future of telephony. Try it out and let me know your experience with this service.

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