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Friday, January 19, 2007

How boring!

How boring!-Bangalore Times-City Supplements-NEWS-The Times of India

There was a time where staying in a job for many years meant seniority and in turn career growth, but it has completely changed today. People have become very restless and want to see unprecedented and extraordinary career growth very quickly. There is a strong urge among young techies to learn enough about a technology to update the resume and move on to the next new thing. Based on my experience, I suggest that staying in a job or a project (not recommending for ever) for enough time goes a long way in shaping a strong & sustainable career. Both the extremes are bad … Staying in a job for ever or switching jobs/projects very frequently.

When you walk into a book store you notice all the tech shelves filled with books like learn something in 10days or idiots guide to something or tech dummies book, MBA in a week, etc. Well I really don’t think you can master any technology or topic in such a short time. You need to really go deep in a subject and eventually the learning process gets easily carried over when learning a different technology. As we have seen in the last decade or so …. Technology becomes easier and easier to learn and come to think of it … if you can master a technology in less than 10 days, don’t you think everybody can do it. So, what is your real career differentiator?

It is very important to learn the human and business dynamics in any project beyond the technology in order to successfully define your career. Trust me that the experience you gain by seeing a full life cycle of a project goes a long way in building the right momentum in your career. So, don’t get bored when you think you have learnt the technology associated with a project, look around and you will see opportunities to learn. (like the business process, the management dynamics, issues with support, etc. are all the other things you can learn beyond just the technology that will keep you from getting bored).

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