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Monday, January 08, 2007

New York and recycling

I was in New York city for the holidays and stayed with one of friends in Hoboken. I was really surprised to see the pervasive use of plastic without any concern to the environment.

Being from Oregon I learnt to really care for nature, our environment, global warming, etc. I really take time to sort things for recycling for example use proper recycle bins for plastic, aluminum cans, nickel cadmium batteries, card board, paper, etc.

First thing I noticed in New York city is that there is absolutely no recycling system is in place -- everything goes into the same garbage. I was also told that recycling as a concept does not exist in the east coast (even if it does it is minimum)… I could not stop thinking about it all the time I was in the New York city.Maybe the city takes care of sorting the garbage for recyling and does not throw that responsibility to the consumer, but asking the consumers to do this basic sorting of garbage goes a long way in building awareness. .. I sure hope the concept of recycling comes to play very soon in the east coast especially in the New York city before it is too late. This is my rant for the day!!!

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