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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Simplest Weight Loss Tips No One Follows

"Will Brink" has done an awesome job in summarizing some of very simply easy to follow tips. Really Useful Fitness Blog: The Simplest Weight Loss Tips No One Follows (with little to no effort).
Tip #1: never ever go food shopping hungry
I have done this and paid a heavy price, as I ended up buying so many "big bad" junk food items. You crave for food you know is bad for you, but buy it anyway because your body/mind is only thinking of food.
Tip # 2: never keep snack foods in the house
Absolutely - somehow you can very easily conquer your craving by the virtue of the fact that it is not easily accessible when you really crave for it.
Tip # 3: eat off of smaller plates
Simple to follow and a very effective strategy - I went to an all-you-can-eat-buffet last weekend and I successfully employed this strategy. I did not stuff myself to the brink -- always a good thing.
Tip #4: Know Thy Self
well, I have not done it yet, but I will definitely document my triggers and develop strategies to cope with them

I will add another tip to this list (my little value add to a very well written blog post by will).
Tip #5: Drink lots of water
hmmm .. simple enough? Although, drinking water alone does not directly help with weight loss, but it helps in portion control and is really good for your body. It is a habit you have to consciously develop .. I was somehow under the habit of drinking water only towards the end of a meal and not while eating -- but, once I started to develop the habit of drinking some water along with my meal made me eat less and I really felt contended with smaller portions. Easy portion control strategy!!

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