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Friday, February 09, 2007

Web 2.0 is all about creating a PUBLIC SPACE for ordinary users

Last night I was browsing on some new social networking sites around the internet just to learn more about what they are doing to attract the conversations and build online communities. My day job is really all about building a network of developers using Intel technology and to build a vibrant software developer community. I happen to come across the top web 2.0 websites from eSnip. Looking at all these websites it seems like the overarching theme is really centered on creating a personal public SPACE easily for ordinary people.

Share personal views, stories, podcasts, photos, opinions, videos, etc.

Participate in online conversations, discussions, answer questions, etc.

Aggregate user driven content, blogs, feeds, comments, knowledge, etc.

Connect with people across the globe, make friends, exchange ideas, meet business contacts, etc.

Engage in conversations, discuss, chat, participate in a community, etc.

Web 2.0 is all about creating a personal public SPACE (Share, Participate, Agrregate, Connect, and Engage) for people in the virtual world of Internet. It is all about giving you SPACE in the internet for you to blossom, thrive and grow without any traditional restrictions. You own this SPACE and you share your personal life, opinions, pictures, videos, etc. I call it PUBLIC space because email also gave you a personal space, but it was private to you where you could connect with the world through your unique email id, but only a select few people you choose had access to your SPACE (and spammers!!).

Any company which can successfully create this public space for everybody to thrive and contribute are really going to be the winners in this new age of the internet evolution.

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