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Friday, October 15, 2004

nokia 6620

Arggg ... I had to return the new Nokia 6620 phone. Here are the reagons why?

  • I like the bluetooth capability
  • Sync up with Outlook calendar, notes, tasks and contacts
  • Good form factor
  • Expandable memory slot (although you have to replace the existing one if you buy a new memory card). But the built in memory should be good enough for most of the functions
  • Good Battery life


  • Key pad is rather small
  • DOES not sync up with outlook email. The software Nokia PC Sync does not support this capability. Only way to do it is to set the email as a POP3 or SMPT email account and sync up email via Internet
  • I thought this phone was really bulky for the capabilities it provides
  • The speaker phone is weak ... hardly a speaker phone in my opinion
  • Nokia PC sync software has a very poor UI

I had to return the phone because it does not support the email sync up using bluetooth and the phone was really bulky. After using a flip phone for so long ... I realized that I prefer a flip phone.

TIP: If you plan to buy any phone from the local AT&T wireless, do your research using google and they usually match the price on the device (they don't match the accessories). I was able to get the phone for about $100 less asking them to match the price.


Abhisek said...

Hey there,

I think you should give the RIM Blackberry a try. Its looks rather bulky from afar but it is quite easy to hold in one hand and use. The email sync works great.
See if you can get a good deal on that. It even syncs up with Intel's exchange server.


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