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Thursday, September 25, 2003

This is the executive summary (Marketing part) for my MBA class business plan. I think the product One-Card has a lot of potential ... there is a clear market need, we will see how the business plan progresses.

I. Executive Summary
One-Card is a convenient, secure and practical digital card product and service. One-Card aims to eventually replace the traditional bulky wallet with a single easy to carry digital solution.
The Product
Multiple current offerings of plastic money, digital money and various membership services will all be rolled under one standard One-Card interface. The patented technology behind the product called “One-Card common cryptographic interface” has combined existing proven technologies in creative ways to support the digital card infrastructure. One-Card works with existing infrastructure, making it widely acceptable.
We will supply an added convenience of One-Card to the rapidly growing PDA users who currently carry many cards. This market has been well established, Gartner predicts PDA sales of 33.7 million by 2004, up from this year's projected 13.7 million. Of this number, a significant number is held by the small business owners. Many small businesses have some pretty complex purchasing requirements, this is where the One-Card product provides valuable services to organize and manage all credit transactions securely. The small business owner is the primary target market segment for this product.
Security and privacy of customers will be key objective along with supporting numerous value-added services that enhance the value and developing a strong global retail channel for making this product widely available and acceptable.
Our goal is to establish One-Card as a market leader in digital card solutions by forming a network of users and vendors with emphasis on security and standardization of card technologies. Enhance the acceptability by licensing the standard interface to other product manufacturers and vendors.

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